MyLivePhotos was the best part of my wedding reception. - Christie Osbourne


Here is a small sampling of our new favorite photos. (With a little commentary.)

Having fun in Color.

Sometimes the best thing to do in life is to be yourself. Especially when taking a photo.  We are pretty sure the guy in the back is related to Vanilla Ice.  (And we are certain that the guy in gray is drinking the new Smart Water...)

Whoa what the...

We've seen this reaction before.  Usually it's at the end of the wedding when Uncle Ted and Grandma Louise start trying to Tango during a Beyonce song... Hey it's happened.

There is always one making the wrong face.

Yep.  Another would-have-been-a-good photo bites the dust.  (See the girl in the back...) And yet, somehow her lovely expression makes this photo worthy of the Photo Fame!

Can you count them all?

This isn't even close to reaching the record of how many people we've squished into a photo.  Great try though.  What did impress us was the bear, ponies and elephant that made it into the photo.  (Just kidding there was't an elephant.)

Sam and Nate having fun.

Part of what we do here at® is have fun. Here is Sam and Nate 'working' hard at a Macy's event.  (Wait they get paid to have fun?...)

And sometimes you marry a mouse.

Every girl dreams of one day marrying a prince.  Unfortunately most little girls grow up and realize they don't live in Great Britian.  This beautiful bride went with the second best thing.  A mouse.

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