MyLivePhotos was the best part of my wedding reception. - Christie Osbourne


What are Extras?

Glad you asked!  Extras are all the special upgrades and details that will help make your event even more fun and unique.  Check out these Extras below to decide how you would like to customize your® event experience.

EXTRA Photo Flash Drives for Friends and Family

You’ll get a flash drive with digital copies of your photos in their original resolution. But if you want extra flash drives to share, we gotcha covered.  Photo Flash Drives for everyone!


Custom Watermarks

Watermarks show up on the live photo slideshow going on during your event as well as on every photo downloaded from your gallery.

If you’re getting married, we can add “Barbie & Ken Forever”, with the date of your wedding, to commemorate your big day.

If you’re a business or non-profit, this would be a great way for you to brand your event, and to spread awareness of your organization. Many photos will be shared by guests on Facebook, Pinterest and others, as well as the photos that are streamed live on your event’s slideshow. Let your guests like, tweet and tag your way to a sweet bottom-line!

Custom-designed & printed handouts

One of the perks of being under our parent company Skyrocket Studios, is we usually can pay their graphic designers with Starbucks so they can make you some cool-looking handouts to wow your guests. These will have our website so your guests know where to get their photos, and can have engagement pictures, logos, slogans, and just about anything else you can think of.

Custom Photo Gallery URL

This is the best way to simplify the delivery process of getting your guests photos into their hands...I mean, hard drives. Instead of navigating through our homepage, to our photos page, and then to your gallery, your guests can type in an exclusive web address and go straight to your gallery (Eg, or No muss and/or fuss. 

Props You can Keep (Stick props)

Mustaches! They’re so hot right now (Zoolander reference).

Even though we bring our standard prop selection- why not add add some specialized Stick Props that you and your guests can take home at the end of the night?  Don't want a bunch of mustaches and hats? Then why not get some bow ties, glasses and crazy lips?


Our sleek, pro-grade white backdrop is standard, but a Custom Vintage Backdrop might be just what you need to make your event mo’ better. We’ve got several options, every one of them is stylin’, and we’re pretty sure your guests will love the retro-ness.

Blue Steel

Ebony & Ivory
Too Cool for School

Grease Lightning