MyLivePhotos was the best part of my wedding reception. - Christie Osbourne


What is®?® provides a Photo Experience that lets your guests connect, create & share in more meaningful ways than any other photo booth can do.

This is made possible by the open connection between the Photo Space and the Live big-screen Slideshow on the other side of the camera. Once a group gets going taking photos, it makes all who are watching the Slideshow laugh or give feedback. They might even walk into the space and join in the fun.

Then, you can download your pix for free in High-Definition, get prints, and share the memories online, all directly from our website.

Interested in booking a Photo Space for your event?  Check out our Package Info page for more details.

Do you print photo-strips or prints on-site?

No, not yet. 

We've thought about it a lot, and we think that your guests sharing and interacting with their memories on Facebook and other social networks, is just as, if not more, meaningful than a photo strip. Plus, we want to stay eco-friendly.

Currently, we provide free downloads, which guests can use to make prints at home, take them to a photo developer, or order prints from our website.

How does the booking process work? Do I have to pay all at once?

Our booking process is super-flexible. If you don't want to, or aren't able to pay your balance in full up front, that's ok - you can just put down a $300 non-refundable deposit, and that'll book your date. You don't have to pay the rest until 30 days before your event!

What is Photo Fame?

It puts your best and most memorable pictures into one place. We round up our favorite pix, throw in some guest favorites, and post them online as the Photo Fame Top 5 for your event. Then, your guests can see their favorites all in one place or re-live the memories, and those who weren’t there can see what they missed. Photo Fame is one of the many things that comes standard with every package. See what else we include here.

What is the size of your Photo Space?

Our Photo Space is approximately 12 feet deep and 10 feet wide.  We have two options as to how to view the photos - a projection screen or a large TV. We can scale the Photo Space to fit your venue.

What are the electrical requirements for your Photo Space?

We require a standard, 15amp circuit.  This is a standard three-prong receptacle (outlet) that you would find in your house.  To ensure no interruption of service during the event, we require that we DO NOT SHARE the circuit with any other devices such as DJ equipment, Bounce Houses, stereos, etc.

When do you setup the Photo Space?

We usually setup one hour before your event begins.  If that time-frame won't fit your schedule, please let us know.

How many people can fit in the photo-space?

The Photo Space can fit up to 20 people, letting you get creative with your poses!  Remember, it isn't a box, it's a space that you can fill without limitations. The Space is scalable, too, so we can scale it down to fit, say, 10 people, which gets the impact of people's facial expressions better.

How do I get my photos?

If your venue has Wifi, photos will be uploaded during the event so you and your guests can download or share the memories in real-time. If there's no Wifi, all photos will be available online within 24 hours of the event, but usually immediately following the event.  

Digital copies are free to download in many resolutions, prints can be ordered, and photos can be shared on your social networks, all directly from our website. We'll also give you a Flash Drive of all photos, so you have the memories forever, forever-ever.

  • To Download - Click on your event gallery, find your photos, choose your resolution, then right-click to "Save As".
  • To Order Prints & Cards, Click on “Buy” when viewing your photo.

How much does it cost?

Prices depend on the event and cost of travel. We travel within DFW for free! The standard price for a four-hour event is $849.00, & we do give discounts to churches and non-profits. Here’s more info on how much value you get for the price.

What forms of payments are accepted?

We accept Credit/Debit Card, Cash, Checks, Money Orders and Paypal. All payments must be in USD.

Where do I mail the contract/payment?

Our mailing address is;

MyLivePhotos, LLC (®™), 6554 Arbor Place Apt # 2716 Fort Worth, TX 76132

Can I see the contract?

Sure.  Click here for an example contract for you to see.

I have more questions.  Where do I get answers?

We highly recommend that you download a sample contract as it contains info about our cancellation policy and booth requirements, etc. If you still don't find the answers to your questions, or you're ready to get the MLP Photo Experience at your next event, check out our Pricing page, email us, or call us @ 817.760.0360.