MyLivePhotos was the best part of my wedding reception. - Christie Osbourne

Why don't more photo booths have real-time uploads?

I want to talk to you briefly about our newest product development - real-time uploading. We like to call it Live Sharing.


For us, it was essential because it would not only create as much value for our clients’ events as possible, but truly set us apart from all other photo booth or photo lounge services.


I’m excited about it for a few reasons:
  • Technology is changing fast, letting you get your media (photos, in our case) as quickly as possible, and people love that. Any event you throw or go to should meet this demand. This, combined with social networks, make a more meaningful way to engage with and share your photos.

  • You can get your photos during whatever event you’re at to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or whatever other social network you use. No tiny photo strips that only let you share your memories with a handful of people. And no logging into your social network to upload photos at a photo booth kiosk!

  • Nobody else in DFW (that I know of) has this capability.


As you probably know, you can take as many photos in a session that you want. So, whether you take 2 or 20 pix at once, all of your memories will be online in real-time, letting you move on to other things at the event (such as dancing to “Thriller”, or hitting up the bar). Nothing’s lamer than your group wanting to move onto something else, but you gotta stick around and log into Facebook to share your pix one at a time. Well, there’s probably lamer things, but you know what I mean. :)


Also, you can turn your photos into a slideshow by clicking “Style” at the top right of your photo, then clicking “Slideshow”. Then, you can pass around your phone and re-live the memories with your family and friends. Pretty cool!


If you're in the industry as an Event Planner, Catering Company, or otherwise, it may be difficult to know what to say when a bride, in particular, wants their photo booth to do photo strips. I recommend asking, "do you think that photo strips would be more meaningful to your guests than Live Sharing?" I've seen this open up clients to the idea quite well.


I know that once word spreads about it that more companies will try to figure it out, but we’re proud to have done it first. It took a lot of work from multiple contributors to develop the software, but it was worth it!


Here's to awesomer events! Know someone that might find this information useful? Share it with them using the buttons at the top of this post. :)