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The 5 Best Photo Space Poses

Need some ideas for Photo Booth/Shoot poses, or just want something to laugh at? We've put together our favorite 5 poses.






5. Charlie's Angels

If you're in a pinch, it's always a good idea to nominate a Charlie and a few angels. Your group will love it, and so will the slideshow onlookers.








4. Kiss

Kiss your significant other, your's a good idea no matter who you do it to. Unless it's the DJ - he might get the wrong idea.









3. Get serious

When your friends are getting loco, sometimes it's best just to get stone-faced. It's just funny.









2. The Pickup

Whether you're just picking up your significant other, or getting a team of picker-uppers to turn someone upside-down, this is THE choice to one-up pretty much everything that

anybody else has or ever will do at your event.







1. The Magnum

On a roll in the Photo Space with your friends, but ran out of poses? Even the most creative and
photogenic among us have been there. 

The solution? Pull out the Magnum. Who cares if someone makes fun of you for making the same face in 10+ shots? They're just jealous because you're really, really consistently sexy.