MyLivePhotos was the best part of my wedding reception. - Christie Osbourne


When You Call Something 'Yellow' in Amarillo, Are You Referring to its Color or the City It's In?

We try to get dosed with scorpion anti-venom before we do events in places like Amarillo. Not sure if insurance covers scorpion stings. Somehow I forgot to get “anti-venomed” this time, but, luckily it was the MyLivePhotos Experience only that pricked us at Shanna & Michael’s wedding at the Event Centre. Happiness ensued.

I was psyched to connect with the newlyweds and their friends and family. They were an awesome bunch, and we had some good clean fun!

The Definition of Supportive Friends


Celebrating Good Times @ the Stonegate Mansion

Anita and Jared's reception was a blast. Music. Dancing. And catering by Babe's Chicken. Nice. Oh yeah and we were there rocking the open air photo space. 

What also made the night special (and unique) were two additional things. 

First, when the DJ introduced the couple and they made their entrance, he told the stories of who they were and then how those stories became one. It was great hearing their story of love. 

The second reason was that their venue for the reception was at a mansion, now converted into an event center, that had once been a murder scene in the 70's. The mansion was the home of T. Cullen Davis.  (This is a story you should Google!)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun



Rockin' A Top 10 Texas Wedding Venue

Here we thought we could only fit 15 people into our Photo Experience, but this reception last Saturday proved us wrong, because a whopping 19 (nineteen) people fit into our photo space! I counted.

It helps to have people at a reception open-minded and ready to have fun, and Amanda & Wes’s guests were definitely that. The ice was broken long before MLP got there. We just maximized the fun-ness factor. :)

Thanks to the newlyweds for letting us be a part! And thanks to Kim at the Reflections in Plano for providing an amazing venue and running things so seemlessly! Top 10 wedding venue in Texas in 2010 and 2011, BTW!


A Packed Photo-Space!




What Makes a Hot Summer Night 'Cool'? - Yelp @ the Scat Jazz Lounge

You don’t have to be a jazz buff to have had a good time at the Scat Jazz Lounge, the well-chosen venue for one of Yelp’s amazing parties, put on by the inevitable Kevin Newsum.

What a great night! ‘Cool’ was the choix du jour, made so by some amazing Yelpers, the Shelley Carrol Trio, and Tito’s Vodka.

We decided to go without the backdrop for this one, and the results were great!

Here’s a few of our favorites of the night...

Scat Lounge with <span® open air photo space" width="400px;" />

Having fun at the Scat Lounge.


The Hills Are Alive...With the Sound of a Jammin' Las Colinas Reception

Families unite! Love sparks! Friends re-connect, and swing at each other with horse-head props!

The night was the result of 6 years that the new couple, Marisela & Jesse, were together before getting married. That’s a good long time to get to know each other, and I think it made their wedding day that much more meaningful.

Congratulations to the newlyweds! It was amazing to be a part of the festivities at Noah’s in beautiful Las Colinas.


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