MyLivePhotos was the best part of my wedding reception. - Christie Osbourne


Hearts Celebrate in the Heart of Fort Worth

Ever been to Fort Worth’s Water Gardens? Pretty cool, huh? There’s just something about being immersed in a slew of well-designed architecture and engineering in such a peaceful setting, not to mention surrounded by Fort Worth’s skyscrapers. Throw a wedding reception in, a DJ, some really cool guests & MLP, and the “coolness factor” goes off the charts!

Sierra & Jairo were awesome fun to work with, and we wish them the best on their journey together.

Who's Tying the Knot Next?


Heather & Michael's "Reflections" of True Laub

It was another “flippin’ sweet” reception at the Reflections in Plano. We had a big “G” gobo’d on the walls (for Gardner, the groom’s last name), John Woodbury (an awesome photographer from Utah), John Watkins the DJ from First Choice Entertainment, and a pair of newlyweds that couldn’t stop kissing. That’s a good sign, right?

I had a great time connecting with the family and guests, and judging by the photos, they had a great time too!


Heather & Michael's Wedding


The Hottest Event in Arlington (No, It Wasn't the Rangers Game)

One of the things I love about what MLP does is that we help bring out a fun side in people that their friends and family don’t see very often. There were lots of interesting people at Mai & Clifton’s wedding in the Arlington Convention Center last Sunday that showed this “rowdy” side. One of which was a youth pastor. He traded in his suited and dignified manner, and instead let loose with an oversized cowboy hat, rode a horse, and had plenty of laughs with his wife. He was a bit embarrassed after, but I betcha his youth group will love seein’ him have so much fun.

It was great learning about the newlyweds’ story, too. It helped that Clifton video’d his marriage proposal to Mai, complete with him playing a song on his guitar and all. Everyone at the reception got to see how he proposed. Very cool.

Clifton also had Reytheda (the event planner) and her team leave a trail of flowers from the newlyweds’ car to their honeymoon room. Props (no pun intended) to the Simple & Chic Events team for going all “secret agent” to make this happen, in addition to seemlessly handling the wedding and reception.

Mai & Clifton's Wedding


"Everything in moderation", they say. Not when it comes to props!

Lauren & Eric must’ve thought long and hard about how they wanted their wedding to be! It was an awesome venue, great vendors, incredible details (photo collages, short bios of different guests posted on the walls, custom etched glass with their names in the entryway, etc), and a super-fun bunch of guests. Two tables stuffed full of props can’t hurt, either.

Shout out to Cheryl, the mother of the bride, and April with the Piazza in the Village, who barely had a moment to sit down during the reception because they were so busy making things happen!


Lauren & Eric's Wedding


Houston Lady Oilers + MLP = A Hail Mary!

The smell of the AstroTurf.  The leather and laces of a football. Hard-hitting action of two full padded athletes colliding on the field.  The beautiful smile of the wide receiver running down the
field.  Yes I said it.  Beautiful.  Why because this is Lady Arena Football at its finest!

We had a blast hanging out with the WAFL and their very first Arena Football Game.  It was the Houston Lady Oilers Blue squad versus the Houston Lady Oilers Red squad.  It was fun.  It had some great catches and great plays.  We had a blast.

Check out some of the photos we took that night.  The fans had a great time and so did the girls.  We can't wait for the next time MLP gets to hang out with the WAFL!  Oh by the way, a lot of the girls didn't throw like girls- and it would have been scary being in the middle of some of their pileups- just sayin'.


Houston Lady Oilers


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